$1M for Founders to Invest

Founders backing founders

Spearhead gives founders capital to invest, so they can help new companies get started. To date, they’ve invested over $8M in 160 companies.

There’s no pressure to invest—founders stay focused on their company and invest at their own pace. 

No investing experience required

We teach founders how to invest, and we give them access to mentors like Sam Altman, Cyan Banister, David Sacks, Elad Gil, Jeff Fagnan, Keith Rabois, Mike Maples and Naval Ravikant.

We also provide legal and back-office services, so founders can focus on investing instead of administration. Finally, we introduce founders to limited partners when they’re ready to raise their next fund.

Started by Jeff and Naval

Jeff Fagnan and Naval Ravikant started Spearhead to democratize angel investing. We believe anyone with good dealflow should be able to invest, not just people with money and connections.

Entrepreneurship is a career that goes from founding startups to investing in them. Founders may start one or two companies over their career—but they can invest for a lifetime.